Space RentaL

”C5BK” creative space is now open at 5 Central Ave, Brooklyn, in front of Green Central Knoll Park. The location is a short walk from the Morgan Avenue L train station in Bushwick, just off of busy Flushing avenue.

Formerly the location of Sake brewery "Kato Sake Works", the space was renovated by C5BK owner Tsugumi in June of 2023, with the intention of creating a flexible and interesting space for gallery events, or photography and movie studio rentals, and private parties, etc.

5 Central Ave, Brooklyn 11206  <feel free to contact us!>


Folding Table <4ft> x 2

Folding Table 
<29” (L), 24”-29” Inches (H) x 19”(W)> x2
Folding Chair x 10
+ Some bar stools

Projector (EPSON / 1080p)
*We provide a HDMI cable, already attached to the projector. Please bring your playback device, which supports HDMI.
(We do not provide adapters.)

For Vinyl DJ:

DJ Turntable for vinyl records  x2  (Audio-Technica's direct drive)
DJ Mixer (BEHRINGER DDM 4000) 

*We don’t have CDJs, but you can bring yours and set up by yourself if you’d like to do so.

For small live performances: 

Mackie 1202VLZ
Guitar amp - Fishman Loudbox Mini LBX-500
Mic stand x2
Cables - ask availability if you need specific ones. 

*We don’t have any devices to play your backtracks, but you are welcome to bring your own device and plug it into our PA.

Rental Fee

$60 / hr - all equipment is included.
(negotiable when you use several hours. )

$1000 / flexible time for 3 days
(negotiable depending on the event.)

We look forward to discussing your plan!  Please email to: